Make My Wish True App

Earn Your Wish With Meditation

Today, In this fast-moving world, We all are running to fulfill our dreams, work daily, but sometimes get demotivated. People with different mindsets have different capabilities, and not all of us have enough confidence and belief in ourselves.

Meditation with music is the way to make our wishes come true.

It helps us in managing our stress, anxiety, and depression. It makes us happy, positive and builds confidence to achieve every goal.

Music is also said to be the 2nd form of meditation. It calms our minds, lifts our mood, and manages our stress. Combining music with meditation can expand the real effects of both, and bring a greater strain relief.
Meditation with music
How can you earn your wish

Through the Meditation?

Humans have 3 levels of mind i.e. conscious, preconscious, and subconscious, and all are active throughout the day. The subconscious mind works to store & retrieve data and it takes over our entire mind during meditation. It redirects all the focus towards our wish and pushes us to turn it into reality.

A plus point; for people who love music and beginners to meditation; or trained, music meditation relaxes their mind more instantly.
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Looking Follow Steps

Way Towards Your Wish

  • Click on an enter button to start then click on the plus '+' button to enter your wish and save it.
  • Make your wish from your heart and do a process for achieving it.
  • Moving forward by clicking on "Start Manifestation".
  • Now set your duration for nourishing your wishes energetically.
  • You can start your meditation with or without instructions and add relaxing music.
  • Now you can finally start your process.
Make my wish true app

Bright Outlook

Working daily on your dreams with the same positivity is somewhat difficult. So, to make it easier for you, we created an app named "Make My Wish True - Earn Your Wish With Meditation". This meditation app will help you in turning your wishes into reality.

With regular practice, this music with meditation app helps you in managing whatever stress you get in your way and make your wish true.
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