Dream speaks - Key To Unlock Thoughts With Meaning

"DREAM"- A word from which we all are aware, that we all used to see, and sometimes get confused.!!

Dreams are the stories or pictures that we see during sleep with a lot of different emotions. They can make us happy, sad, anxious, fearful, and a lot more. There are many theories on dream interpretation and its meaning.
According to scientists, We all have roughly 3-6 dreams in a night, and nearly 95% of these dreams are misremembered the following morning.
Sometimes, these dreams turn into nightmares and we get worried about what we saw last night and try to find out their meaning as many of us believe that dreams can come true and some deem that it's an imaginary world that never exists in reality.

So, Do dreams really have a meaning? Do they really wanna say something to us? Do they really connect with our real life?
All these questions can be solved in one way i.e.
"Dream speaks - Key To Unlock Thoughts With Meaning"
An application that tells the real and internal meanings of your dreams. It provides a brief elaboration of the dream.

All you need to do is choose the correct type of dream that you saw.
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Dream Meanings
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Famous Dream Meanings
Dream Speaks includes some of the famous dream meanings that most of us are looking for. It has top categories of dreams that can happen with all of us and has numerous sub-categories which help in finding out the real meaning. Few of them are shown below.
  • Teeth falling out dream meaning
  • Dream of spiders meaning
  • Earthquake dream meaning
  • Owl in dream meaning
  • Alligator dream meaning
  • Broken glass dream meaning
  • Common dreams meaning
  • Death dream meaning
  • Relationship dreams meaning
  • Disaster dream meaning
If you are worried about the meaning of dreams and love to know about them then this app is the key to unlock all your answers.

It is available on Play Store for all android users. So, Download the app and share it with your loved ones.
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